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What's Included?

Overnight stays include amenities we believe contribute to a happy stay. Our ventilation system exceeds industry standards and each suite is kept clean throughout the day. Please note that our pricing structure separates out cuddle/play time from the basic room charge (see the A La Carte menu). Please see below for amenities included in our suites:

Kitty lounging on heated shelf luxury cat boarding
Heated Granite Shelf

Each suite has a radiant heated granite shelf has a "leather" finish for the utmost in cozy comfort.

Cat boarding with private television
Private Television

Each suite has a 24" LED television (the Koi  &

Persian Suites have a 32"). Assorted entertainment such as: aquarium fish, "Too Cute" puppies and kittens, narrations on bugs & insects & wildlife.

Cat boarding with cameras
Kitty Cam (by Foscam)

Each suite has a kitty cam with infared so you may check in on your kitty at any time of day or night.


Catastrophic Creations
Activity Wall

Our 9-foot vertical spaces don't just feel spacious, they are fully accessible for kitties using the activity walls! We've included high lounge perches for those wishing to reign over their territory.

Catastrophic Creations sisal
Wall-Mounted Scratching Posts

Our scratching posts are sturdy enough for even the most active of kitties! Each suite is fitted with both vertically and horizontally mounted posts.

Cosy & dozy shelf cosyanddosy
Padded curved shelf
by "Cosy & dozy"

One of our most loved items are these handmade shelves by Cosy & Dozy! With a thick pad and luxurious fabric, it's the perfect place for kitty to stretch out and lounge while taking in their surroundings from up high.

Wool cat cave
Cat Cave

Cosy washable cat caves are provided in every suite for those moments when extra privacy is desired. A hand-felted wool cat cave is available by request (limited availability; not available to "wool suckers).

Circulating water bowl
Water Fountain Bowl

To promote healthy water intake and reduce the risks associated with dehydration, we use stainless steel continuously circulating water fountain bowls. The charcoal filter is new for each visit (changed every 3 weeks for long-term stays).

Multiple food bowl options

We use dishes with "feet" for slight elevation. We have other options available by request, which include: whisker-friendly wide/flat bowls, stainless steel bowls, and slow-feeders for kibble.

For many kitties, pheremones help reduce feelings of stress and anxiousness that may occur in new surroundings.

Kitty litter box modesty screen
Modesty Screen on Litter Box

Each litter area is spacious with a semi-transparent removable privacy screen. We usually use a large, high-sided open box. Alternate litter box options (limited availability) upon request: covered, kitten-sized, low-side, top-entry, extra jumbo).

Scientifically proven music to appeal to felines! We play this in the morning and while kitties enjoy their night time treat as part of a gentle wind down ritual.

Pet med administration
Medication Administration

Pills that kitty easily accepts if added to their food are administered at no charge. Please see the "a la carte" page for other situations/medications.

Cat night time special treat
Evening Treat

With prior permission from kitty's guardian, the day ends with a treat (freeze dried chicken or salmon or a small bowl of warmed lactose-free milk. (A guardian-provided evening snack can be served instead.)

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