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Boarding Agreement

Terms & Conditions


Kitty Chateau agrees to make every attempt to contact guardian/owner immediately upon kitty's illness; decisions you make on the phone supercede any written agreement. Guardian/owner understands that the Kitty Chateau staff are not veterinarians nor have backgrounds in animal medicine, and are not expected to diagnose or detect illnesses. Guardian/owner agrees to our emergency protocol as listed in the "how to prepare" section, including triage/house calls by a mobile veterinarian and/or transport to the 24-hour Emergency Services (additional fees apply) at SAGE at 600 Alabama or other animal emergency service rooms. Guardian/owner authorizes charges for veterinary charges (and related, including our transport and wait time fees) in the event of an emergency, and for veterinary charges when routine veterinary house call care is requested. Guardian/owner agrees to responsibility for all charges related to kitty’s illness/injury while in the care of Kitty Chateau both now and in the future.


Flea Control:

Guardian/owner agrees that kitty will arrive flea free and current on monthly flea control prevention medication. If there is evidence of fleas while kitty is in our care, we have permission to administer a fast acting oral (Capstar) at a fee of $40 and owners will be subject to an excessive cleaning charge. If kitty will be with us for 1.5 or more days after flea is found, we have permission to also administer a monthly flea control (such as Advantage) at a fee of $40 in addition to the Capstar.



Guardian/owner agrees that kitty is in good health, is current on the FVRCP vaccine, and has not had any communicable diseases within the last 30 days. Guardian understands that although Kitty Chateau has separate vent ducts for each suite, it is still a shared-air environment, and that vaccines do not 100% prevent all commuicable diseases. (Check with your veterinarian for additional information.)


Cancellation Policy:

Please book kitty’s stay only after you’ve finalized your travel arrangements deposits are not refundable/transferable once submitted.  We are happy to make minor adjustments to your pick-up or drop-off dates, if available, for an existing reservation up to 48 hours before your cat arrives without being charged for all days reserved, or having to cancel and re-book your reservation. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the reservation start date will be billed for the room-only portion of your reservation. Reservations are held by your deposit but are not guaranteed until all required paperwork is submitted to us. It is your responsibility to submit all required paperwork within four (4) days of making the reservation, or communicate to us that there is a delay. If you neglect to do this step, your reservation may be cancelled and your deposit forfeited.

Minimum Stay:

While we do not have a minimum stay requirement for non-holiday periods, there is a $10 surcharge for stays of less than 2-nights.Holidays have a minimum stay (varies) and include the periods around the dates of: January 1, last Monday in May, July 4, first Monday of September, third Thursday in November, and December 25.



Kitty Chateau occasionally shares photos. Guardian/owner agrees that any photo or video taken of kitty is the property of Kitty Chateau and may be used at Kitty Chateau's discretion. (If you would prefer to not have your cats photo public, please note that to us so that we may respect your wishes!)


Check-in/Check-out times:

Guardian/owner understands that check-in/out is by appointment only and should be pre-arranged before the stay begins. Regular business hours are between 10am-5pm. "Normal hours" check-in appointments can be made between 2pm-5pm; "normal hours" check-out appointments can be made between 10am-Noon. Kitty may be dropped off or picked up at any time (24 hours/day) with prior arrangement. Appointments outside of our regular hours (10am-5pm) are welcome but are considered "Pajama Hours" (please see A La Carte list for times/rates). Early check-in/late check-out can be arranged when placing reservations under "add extra options" on the reservation page (please see A La Carte list for times/rates) or added later, as long as space is available. If you have a question about charges listed on the A La Carte page, please email us your scenario so that we can confirm the charge for which you will be responsible based on the time you are requesting. (For instance, checking out at 7pm would mean a late-check-out charge plus the "pajama hours" surcharge.) Please note that your requested times are not arranged until you receive an email confirming the specific times requested.

Additional Services:

Please book the appropriate play or cuddle time for your cat's personality. If your cat is not as receptive as you anticipated, we will not pressure your cat to engage and therefore we will not charge for unused sessions ordered. If you do not order time and your cat is needy or disruptive, we will accommodate your cat and add those sessions to your final bill; we will not to exceed one session per day without permission. 

Excessive clean-up charge:

Issues with urinating outside the litter box, spraying, cleaning of carrier accidents, or the sanitizing of a room when a kitty is found with a flea will incur an "excessive clean-up" fee, based upon the specific incident. (Fees begin at $75, rarely exceeds $175, and are charged per incident, not per stay.) If your kitty is finicky or has a history of potty issues, we advise to bring your own litter in order to decrease the chances of possible litter box issues.

Guardian/owner deems the Kitty Chateau as a safe environment. By signing below, you assume sole responsibility for kitty's behavior and accept any/all risk of illness, injury, disease, or other harm that may occur while kitty is staying at Kitty Chateau. Please be respectful of our guidelines/shop rules as we reserve the right to decline future visits if our guidelines are not followed. Please also note that we are occasionally required to move a cat's reservation to a different room for space planning.

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