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Click on "More Info" to see a description and photos of each suite (sorry, this feature does not work on mobile devices!)


All suites are 9 feet tall, have glass front doors, and a framed watercolor print for a homelike feel. Standard suites vary in shape but are just over 20 square feet. The Koi (approx 34 sq ft) and Persian (approx 54 sq ft) suites are larger and have a live fish aquarium in the wall. The Persian works well for outdoor kitties as it's the only room with it's own operational window; it has a "catio" in the window and faces the light well and is impossible to escape through the window. Some rooms are best suited for curious/social kitties as they include a large glass wall and other rooms have solid walls, which would work well for shy/privacy-loving kitties. Please review the room descriptions to reserve the room that best fits your cat's personality.

Please let us know if there are special requests that will make your kitty's stay with us more pleasant!

The pricing of each room is shown below; each additional kitty sharing the same suite is $38

We do not have a minimum stay during non-holiday periods, however, an $10 surcharge for stays of less than 2-nights will apply. Please see the Boarding Agreement for notes on holiday minimums. If you are trying to book a holiday time (other than Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's Eve which cannot be booked online) and you cannot select your pick-up date but a later date is being allowed, it is due to the holiday minimum charge. (If you'd like to pick up your cat on an earlier date, you may arrange that with us.)

Please see "What's Included?" for included ammenities and "A La Carte" for optional services.


*Note: please read through the "How to Prepare" page thoroughly and be sure of your travel dates prior to making reservations. Deposits are non-refundable/non-transferable!*

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