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Who we are:

The Kitty Chateau Family
Jean Claude

Chandra, Ashni & Troy: We reside in the residence above the Kitty Chateau. Chandra has lived in the Bay Area since she was 2 years old, before the area was as populated, and grew up surrounded by a variety of animals -- cats, dogs, bunnies, a parrot, chickens, turkeys, nubian goats, sheep, a pig, a horse, and two cows..and probably a few others. Troy was born and raised in North Dakota, spent time abroad while in the Navy, and finally settled in San Francisco in 1998. With the exception of his time in the Navy, he has always had cats or dogs. Ashni was born in San Francisco and is the latest addition to a family that includes a cat, two dogs, and saltwater fish. You may see the three while out on family walks around the neighborhood with their dog Renfield!


Jean-Claude: As the on-site facility manager, he splits his time between the Kitty Chateau and the residence upstairs. He came into our lives in the Fall of 2012 from his former home at Animal Care & Control through Pet Food Express on Market Street. He personally field tests all rooms, treats, and toys before recommending them for use by our guests. Hobbies include sunning himself in the window, sleeping under hanging clothing, lounging on tall perches, and chasing his best friend Renfield through the house.

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