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For special pampering, additional services are available. Most kitties need to stay close to their usual diets in order to avoid tummy distress. We rely on owner discretion, as you know best what your kitty can tolerate. If you would like a special treat not listed, please let us know! Our goal is to make kitty feel happy and special in your absence. We welcome owner-provided treats to be given according to your instructions!

Note that we also offer (premium brand) unlimited kibble for $2/day per cat.

$13 per meal


Catch of the Day is a low mercury fish (such as cod, salmon, or smelts). A three-ounce serving is lightly broiled and garnished with fresh organic minced catnip or parsley. (Sized for 1 full meal)

$16 per meal
$2.75/can (5.5 oz)

Two jumbo scallops, seared, minced, served with a drizzle of creme fraiche glaze, and garnished with fresh organic minced catnip or parsley. Serving size designed to compliment kitty's usual diet.


CATNIP TOYS (colors/styles vary)
Kong Refillable Catnip Toys:
Plush turtle/rat/other  - $6
Pink or tan feather mouse - $7.50
"Wubba" large mouse - $8.50

We offer a variety of premium canned food for a full meal or portioned out as treats. We have Earthborn Organics in several flavors and usually have other brands available (please inquire).

Tin - $7

The smell of sardines in fresh water is something few kitties can resist. Used as a whole meal or portioned into a treat size. (We use boneless/skinless sardines.)

$2.75 per prawn

One jumbo prawn as a small special treat for kitty.


Meal pouches of chunks in gravy. Available in Earthborn Organics and usually other brands in several flavors (please inquire for specifics). 

Ethical Pets Skinneeez toys
Forest/barnyard animal - $6.50
Mythical Mates Catnip Toys:
Unicorn crinkle kicker toy - $6.50
Dragon crinkle toy - $6.50
Pet Zone squeaking mouse - $6

Kong Wubba's contain a rattle, crinkle "tails", and have a catnip scent. A refillable catnip toy is ideal for longer stays as we refresh it for the duration of kitty's stay. Both toys are sent home upon check-out.

Skinneeez cat toys are furry, stuffing free, and some contain a small amount of catnip. The pelt-like toy promotes interactive play and is sent home with kitty upon check-out.

Pot - $7

Organic Kitty Grass for use while visiting. If grass is reasonably intact upon check-out, it is sent home with kitty.

Bag - $11

Organic treats served to kitty as many times each day as you instruct, with the remainder of the bag sent home with kitty upon check-out. (Freeze dried salmon, chicken, or liver.)

Each 10 minutes - $15

For our more energetic guests, we're happy to keep kitty in peak athletic form by guiding them on a high energy romp on the activity walls with our laser pointers and other action toys. We end playtime with freeze dried salmon or chicken treats.

Each 15 minutes - $15​

Very social kitties love additional attention. Chin scratches, petting, cuddling, holding, and light brushing are offered until we determine what kitty likes best. We end cuddle time with freeze dried salmon or chicken treats.

Per administration: $50

We are able to administer Subcuteaneous fluids to willing kitties only. Please see "how to prepare" for trial visit requirements.

Pills - $5/each
Most others: $10-20/each
Insulin (regular hours) - $12
Insulin (after hours) - $18

We are happy to administer medications to willing kitties only. Please see "how to prepare" for trial visit requirements for all cats that take mandatory medications. Please contact us to discuss any needs not listed. (Medications that can be added to their food is no charge.)

Between 5:15pm - 6:45pm - $15
Between 7pm - 9:15pm - $20
Between 9:30pm - 11:30pm -$30
Between 11:45pm - 7:30am -$38 
Between 7:45am - 9:45am - $20*
        (*for Saturday/Sunday: $25)

Pajama Pick-ups and Drop-offs at any hour! This convenience fee is a surcharge for after-hours and is in addition to the regular night's (or early/late check-in/out) rate; pre-arrangement is required (although unexpected flight delays don't always make that possible; we're happy to work around your new schedule!)

 (Regular check-in: 2pm-5pm;
  Regular check-out: 10am-Noon)
Last minute changes are welcome if space is available; prior arrangement is recommended

Early drop-off:

12pm-2pm - 1/2 nightly rate

prior to 12pm - full nightly rate

Late pick-up:

before 3pm - 1/2 nightly rate

on/after 3pm - full nightly rate

For times outside of 10am-5pm, please see "pajama hours" for additional surcharge.

-Contact us to coordinate-

Since our priority is a relaxed and calm kitty, we don't offer grooming services routinely. However, for those cats accustomed to (and comfortable with) regular grooming, we partner with a professional groomer and will arrange (at no additional fee) a session while kitty is in our care.

-Contact us to coordinate-

Update: the business we were using has recently permanently closed. A vet we've worked with in the past is still available for essential services only at this time. See his website for more information and contact info: https://www.sfvethousecalls.com

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